Core Competence

  • Independent R&D Ability

    The company has mastered the platform based basic technologies such as equipment, materials and processes of hot cathode, cold cathode, small focus, micro focus, CT ball tube and various types of high-voltage generators. It can develop and produce various types of X-ray ball tubes and X-ray high-voltage generators, and can also carry out customized research and development for core customers to meet the application needs of the downstream market.

  • High Product Quality

    The company adheres to the high quality design and manufacturing standards, and is an international leading enterprise in benchmarking the performance indicators of X-ray bulb tubes and X-ray high-voltage generators.

  • High Cost-Effective

    The company's core equipment and components are self-made, with cost advantages.

  • Short Lead Time

    All kinds of key components of the company can be self-made, combined with the flexible manufacturing system, to achieve rapid delivery.

Services And Advantages

A professional micro focus high-precision electronic industrial X-ray testing equipment manufacturer integrating R&D, production and sales. The product technology fills the gap in the technology of X-ray detection equipment in the domestic electronic industry, and is used in high-end manufacturing industries such as semiconductor, electronic assembly (EMS), solar photovoltaic, LED, lithium battery, aerospace, military industry, etc. We have experienced professional R&D teams at home and abroad for many years, and have been committed to providing the global intelligent manufacturing equipment industry with one-stop service solutions for micro focusing X-RAY image detection equipment, casting process detection equipment, lithium battery reliability and safety detection equipment and special non-standard automation equipment.

  • medical care

  • manufacture

  • automobile

Be Honest And Strive For Perfection

We have a sound technical service and after-sales service system, serve the society with integrity, and provide pre-sale and after-sales tracking services for the products we sell